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5 Easy Steps to Making Delicious Breakfast Recipes

by Harrison

In India, there are varieties of delicious breakfast recipes that are also healthy. Breakfast is a necessary part of our day. It works as fuel for our bodies. As everybody knows that we should have breakfast like a king, lunch like a common man, and dinner like a pauper. To make your day energetic, people must do breakfast. Here we will discuss some breakfast recipes with Spicyum.

Punjabi chole bhature recipe

One of the very famous Punjabi breakfasts is chole bhature. It combines fried flatbreads and chickpea curry. It originated in the state of Punjab. All over India, people love it. It is easy to make and people can replicate it at home. The specialty of this breakfast is- people can eat it for breakfast, lunch, and as well as in dinner. You can see the recipe everywhere in restaurants, roadside eateries, and street shops. But it can taste different at every different place with disparate texture, consistency, and flavor.

How to make chole bhature?

There are two recipes—one for chole and the other for bhatura. Let’s talk about the recipe for Punjabi chole bhature.

  1. Soak and cook the chickpeas in a pressure cooker.
  2. Add onion, ginger, green chili, tomato puree, and spices to make the spicy curry sauce.
  3. Again, boil chickpeas in spicy and tangy curry sauce. And it is done.

Recipe for bhatura

  1. knead the dough with sifted flour, semolina, salt, sugar, oil, and baking powder in a large mixing bowl, and mix well.
  2. Add yogurt and mix again.
  3. To knead a firm dough, add warm water.
  4. Cover the dough for some time.
  5. Make 6-8 pieces of dough and roll them into an oval shape.
  6. Until bhaturas are puffed up and turn slightly golden, deep fry them in hot oil.
  7. Now, bhaturas are ready to serve with chole, pickle, and onion

Stuffed puri

Stuffed Puri is also a good option for breakfast as well as for lunch. Simple poori usually gets hard, when it gets cooled. It stays soft for a long time when stuffed with masala. You can use your favorite vegetables to fill it. Here I will use spicy tangy potato masala. However, there is no need for any other side dish, you can serve it with raita or chatni, whatever you like.


For dough;

  • 2 cup wheat flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • Water as required

For potato masala;

  • Finely chopped 2 onions
  • Finely chopped 1 tomato
  • Cooked and mashed 3 potatoes
  • Turmeric powder 1 tsp
  • Chilli powder 1 tsp
  • Oil for deep fry
  • Salt to taste

How to make stuffed puri

  • Create the filler first. Cumin seeds are added to hot oil in a kadai and are allowed to crackle.
  • Cook for 5 minutes after adding the onions. Salt, turmeric powder, and red pepper flakes should all be combined.
  • Mix well after adding the tomatoes. Cook until it becomes mushy.
  • After that, incorporate the cooked potatoes well. Remove it and let it cool.
  • In a bowl, combine the salt and wheat flour. Once the dough is stiff, add water gradually. Give it five minutes to relax.
  • Make equal quantities of the dough. Make two balls out of it, then shape them into pooris.
  • One of the rolled pooris should have a tablespoon of filling in the center, water around the sides, and another poori to cover it. To cut the poori into a precise round shape that will puff up wonderfully, use the lid of a steel jar as a cutting board.
  • Then, after the oil is hot enough to deep-fry, fry the poori till golden brown on all sides. Get rid of a paper towel.
  • Now it is ready to serve.

Poha recipe

The most famous Indian breakfast in western and central India is Poha. This dish doubles as a quick mid-afternoon snack and is made with flattened rice, potatoes, onions, and seasonings including cilantro, curry leaves, and mild spices.

How to make poha?

Wash the ingredients with water and let them soak in a strainer before preparing pohe ka nashta. Verify that every one of the poha flakes is wet. Gather the ingredients, which should include onions, potatoes, peanuts, and spices. Cut the potatoes, onions, and fresh green peppers into dice.

  • Over a medium-high burner, pour some oil into a heavy-bottom pan and place it on the cooktop.
  • Thereafter, if desired, stir in the peanuts and thoroughly sauté them in the oil. In the event that you are allergic to peanuts or don’t like them, you can skip this step.
  • Remove the well-roasted peanuts from the pan and place them on a dry plate once they have finished roasting.
  • Add the cumin and mustard seeds to the oil after that, and allow them to start to sizzle.
  • To the oil, add the curry leaves, green chili slices, and diced onions and thoroughly sauté them.
  • Thereafter, add the diced potatoes, combine them thoroughly with the onions, and cover the skillet for two to three minutes.
  • After that, add the strained poha, turmeric, salt, and sugar to the pan. Till the poha turns yellow, continue gently combining all of them.
  • Close the cover and turn off the heat. The reserved roasted peanuts (if used) should be combined with some fresh lime juice.
  • Fresh cilantro leaves or other garnishes, such as sev or pomegranate seeds, go perfectly with this delectable poha for breakfast.

Final words

We have shared three different breakfast recipes. You can replicate these recipes at home. The user who wants more breakfast recipes like this can visit Spicyum and try new recipes at home.

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