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delicious Halloween cupcakes

What is an easy and fun Halloween cupcakes recipe to make with children on Halloween?

by Harrison

Once we embrace the Halloween party, there is no turning back, and it is even more difficult to escape if we have children at home. If we want to avoid getting too complicated with Halloween cookies or American-style cakes, we can always dress up our favourite sweets a bit and thus create some delicious Halloween cupcakes to stain our hands well. Combining snacks and crafts in the same plan is always a good idea to spend an entertaining afternoon at home.

In this case, we opted for our classic chocolate cupcakes, which with their dark colour, always give more play on Halloween, and all children tend to like them. With some Halloween paper capsules and decorating them with dessert chocolate and melted white chocolate, we will have them dressed up for the occasion.

The idea is to have to buy only a few accessories that we are only going to use for this festivity. Still, if we already have a mould to make dark chocolates, sprinkles, or orange nonpareils-type decorations, it is time to put them to use. So we can always resort to the typical chocolate truffle noodles, which more than fulfil their function.

In less than 30 minutes, you will have them ready to serve, and in a matter of seconds, they will have flown off the table! Because they are scared and they are dead. Do you dare? Come on. There is no time to waste. Let’s get down to business.


for 12 units

  • Egg M (about 160 g without shell) at room temperature 3
  • Sugar 150 g
  • milk at room temperature 60 g
  • Sunflower or light virgin olive oil 120 g
  • Pastry or all-purpose flour 200 g
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder 50 g
  • Chemical yeast (3 teaspoons) 12 g
  • Vanilla essence (optional) 2.5 ml
  • Salt 2 g
  • Dark chocolate to melt 200 g
  • white chocolate to melt 200 g
  • Chocolate noodles or sugar decorations

How to make Halloween cupcakes

Difficulty: easy

  • total time 45 m
  • Elaboration 30 m
  • Cooking 15 m
  • Repose 1 h

Beat eggs and sugar with a wire mixer on medium-high speed for several minutes until almost triple in size. Add the milk and oil and beat a little more. Add the vanilla and salt, and sift over the flour with the cocoa and yeast. Mix just gently so there are no lumps.

Cover and let rest while the oven is preheated to 240ºC with heat above and below. Line 12 rigid moulds or put capsules in one or two muffin trays; 12-14 units should come out, depending on size. Stir the dough again and distribute it into the capsules, filling them only 3/4.

Place in the oven, lowering the temperature to 220ºC. Bake for 10 minutes and lower to 200ºC. Check after 15 minutes that they are ready by poking them with a toothpick in the centre. Unmold after a couple of minutes and let cool completely on a wire rack.

Decorate as desired by melting dark chocolate and white chocolate in a bain-marie. To make the spider webs, use a thin-mouthed piping or freezer bag, cutting off the end. You can follow the drawing by placing a stencil under a sheet of parchment paper, allowing it to dry completely before carefully separating it.

With what to accompany Halloween cupcakes

Suppose we will serve Halloween monster cupcakes for breakfast. In that case, we recommend simply accompanying them with a good glass of milk or an unsweetened vegetable drink to balance the triple chocolate of these sweets or our favourite coffee or infusion. In the case of putting together a nice themed snack as part of a party, we can prepare Harry Potter-style Butterbeer and a bloody cocktail for the kids and accompany them with more fun sweets like adorable spider cookies or something healthier, Like Kiwi’s Frankenstein Monster.

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